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Steam Cleaning and Strip & Steal

AG Property Services was built on carpet steam cleaning. Our staff have extensive experience in complete carpet care and also hold IICRC accreditation in the restorative measures of carpet steam cleaning and care. From high rise buildings to educational facilities, down to domestic housing, we are able to access all areas with our numerous portable carpet steam cleaning machines and truck mounted system for unparalleled results. Not all carpet is the same, different fibers require different treatments to ensure the best results and not damage the fiber. Certain fibres need to be treated with the appropriate pH chemical otherwise you could cause damage, certain carpet must have a lower pressure of water otherwise you could cause extensive water logging which will create a browning effect, specific solvents for certain fibres etc. these are all questions your carpet care professional should be asking. Contact us for all your carpet steam clean, spotting and stain removal requirements.

Strip and seal is a hard floor restoration procedure that removes old polish from a variety of floor types ranging from vinyl, parquetry/wood and various tiles and through the reapplication of specific sealers yields a desired high gloss effect. AG Property Services has a designed a specific 10 step strip and seal process, which will ensure a restoration that will be sure to impress.

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