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OHS Policy

AG Property Services is dedicated to achieving and maintaining safe and healthy working environments for all its staff, contractors, visitors and clients through an effective Occupational Health and Safety Policy that complies with legislative requirements. AG Property’s OH&S Policy plays an integral part in the training of staff and in the planning and implementation of any job or project.

To achieve and maintain safe and healthy working environments AG Property Services:

  • Provides employees, contractors and customers with regular information, instruction, training and supervision to ensure their safety
  • Maintains the workplace in a safe condition
  • Provides adequate facilities to protect the welfare of all employees and contractors
  • Provides and maintains safe equipment and products, systems of work and entry and exit from the workplace
  • Develops and monitors arrangements for the safe use, handling, storage and transport of equipment and cleaning products
  • Maintains information and records relating to employee’s health and safety

To achieve a healthy organisation AG Property Services management promotes the concept of occupational health and safety to all staff and asks that every staff member and contractor accepts responsibility for the health and well-being of everyone in the workplace.

AG Property Services fulfills the occupational health and safety responsibilities of the organisation by identifying workplace health and safety problems and resolving them through a process of joint consultation with the client, AG Property Services managers and staff.

The management of AG Property supports its managers in implementing practical measures to ensure work areas that they supervise are safe.

Managers and their reporting officers are responsible for taking all practical steps to identify and address risk to health. This includes cooperating fully with any directives of the management aimed at maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. It also includes reporting any unsafe or unhealthy conditions and reporting accidents/incidents promptly.

Employees, visitors and contractors are expected to abide with the AG Property’s OH&S Programs.

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