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General Cleaning & Labour

Steam CleaningWith our head training officer, specific training method and induction process AG Property Services is able to ensure that all our staff are property trained and schooled in both efficiency and quality. We provide a 360 degree management of all our staff and sites promoting open communication and pathways between the client, the manager and the staff.
Steam Cleaning
Our goal is to be as invisible to your business as possible, we want to be able to service that which you require and provide a clean and comfortable environment so that you may focus on driving your business forward. To do this we are in the process of developing a Digital Feedback System (DFS) which will allow you, the client, to comment on cleaning standards and provide valuable feedback so that we may strive to meet your every need. We believe that this will be key to providing you a seamless service that will not be cumbersome and time consuming, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most, your business.

We are committed to proving the best of services and want to continually improve our systems and procedures and as such are investing heavily into this sector of our business; please contact us for a meet and a no obligation quote.

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