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Domestic Steam Cleaning

AG Property Services is now beginning to service the domestic market in carpet steam cleaning

Our professional staff will ensure the best possible result for you by undertaking a comprehensive cleaning service that you are unlikely to find anywhere else, followed by a free 100% organic hospital grade anti bacterial disinfectant fogging treatment (for a limited time only).

This is the only 100% certified organic 99.99% disinfectant to be approved by the Australian government. We begin with an assessment of your carpet fibre to determine the nature of the fibre we are dealing with. Not all carpet is the same and therefore not all carpet should be treated the same.

This allows us to determine the most appropriate way to treat the area from pH to water pressure and specifically what type of solvents to deal with those stubborn stains. Not considering this information will potentially result in damaging the fibres of the carpet and ultimately its look and feel. Following assessment we will then pre spray the carpeted area (sorry we don’t move furniture but can do so if you wish at a small cost) with the appropriate solution for your specific carpet fibre and follow with a thorough steam clean, removing stains with the appropriate solvent. Following this we will go over the area with the anti bacterial organic fogging treatment.

Carpets are best treated when the area is cleaned and vacuumed, for best results please ensure that the carpet has been thoroughly vaccumed, we can provide this service at a small cost if required. We also undertake upholstery cleaning, leather treatment and scotch guard. 

We recommend that a steam clean is undertaken at the least 2 times per year, unless there are any major spills or accidents in the interim. Stains should always be addressed sooner rather than later, as depending on the nature of the staining it can permanently affect the carpet fibre if not treated in a timely manner.
Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning
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